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Workshop "Measuring, representing, indexing, labeling .... sounds ? From numerical to symbolic representations"

A previous workshop on "Graphical (visual) Representations of sound(s)" held at the LAM (Équipe Lutheries - Acoustique - Musique, Institut Jean Le Rond d’Alembert) on Feb. 17 2014, was chiefly dedicated to the representation of environmental sounds. We would like to invite you to present some of your work concerned with the theme of “measuring, representing, indexing, labeling.... sounds ?” that is, any way to account for sound, from numerical recording provided by physical instruments to symbolic representations of any specific type of sound, music, speech or everyday sound, though linguistic labels be it note, phoneme, noise, frequency, whine, etc … or graphical representation such as traditional spectrograms, as well as more innovative notations combining physical and symbolic descriptions such as TMchart for soundscapes, or maps and interactive tables of Couprie for representation of electronic music.

In the age of “big data” which tends to erase the qualitative differences of the diversity of sounds under a global uniform representation, the challenge also concerns indexation of sound databases that keep track of the differential and specific properties of sounds being music, speech or noise/sounds, as already explored in the automatic sound indexation program (the project CIESS developped in Toulouse,, as well as in the ANR DIADEMS

The topic is so broad and stimulating that we can start "smoothly" with a restricted set of speakers in order to more precisely define the contours of our questioning/interests, knowledge and ignorance, by convening both physical and human scientists.

One “interested” goal could be developing an application for a COST action or an answer to a national or European call. Suggestions of such avenues are welcome.

Organization and contacts :
Pascal Gaillard, (MSH Toulouse)
Matt Coler, INCAS3,
Daniele Dubois (INCAS 3 /LAM)

Toulouse 17 mars 2015, 10h - 17h
Université Toulouse Jean Jaurès
Maison de la recherche
Salle RE309