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Democracy and the rule of law in erosion :
when the exception becomes the rule.

Call for Papers.

Democracy and the rule of law in erosion : when the exception becomes the rule.

September 28 and 29, 2018.

Conference University of Coimbra, Sc Po Toulouse, MSHS T.

-  Call for Papers. Democracy and the rule of law in erosion

European democracies, under exceptional logics, reinforce security and austerity measures, calling into question the rule of law and fundamental rights as enshrined in the national democratic constitutions, the ECHR and the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union of Lisbon).

This conference develops an interdisciplinary view on the impacts of the substitution of democratic stabilization by the stabilization of the exception in the various branches of law : political and civil rights ; social rights ; labour law ; criminal law ; family law.

It proposes an interdisciplinary theoretical and empirical approach around two central axes of analysis : the impact of exceptionalism on law and justice and the impact of exceptionalism on society.

The organization invites political scientists, sociologists, criminologists, jurists and historians to present papers to one of the wokshops that develop the general theme of the conference in its two axes :

Axe I - The impact of exceptionalism on Law and Justice

- Globalization and Justice of Exception - Wanda Capeller (SciencesPo-Toulouse, CES/UC, Unilasalle) and Delphine Espagno (SciencesPo-Toulouse) ;
- Constitution, fundamental rights, human rights : the refugee crisis - Mariana Canotiho (Universidade do Minho) ;
- The State of Emergency in France and elsewhere - Laure Ortiz (SciencesPo-Toulouse) ;
- State of Exception, social control and social movements - Jérôme Ferret (UT1-Université des Sciences sociales de Toulouse, MSH Toulouse) ;
- Criminal harmonization in the European Union and increasing criminalization - João Pedroso (FEUC/CES).

Axe II - The impact of exceptionalism on society

- Erosion of social rights and the ability to act - Éric Darras (SciencesPo-Toulouse)
- Austerity and Exception in Social Law - Carlos Herrera (Universidade de Cergy Pontoise) and Rafael Encinas de Munagorri (Universidade de Nantes) ;
- The post-democratic state of exception and the criminalization of global social movements - Jesus Sabariego (CES/UC) ;
- Crimigration and the construction of social fear - Maria João Guia (IJ-UC) ;
- The erosion of rights in family justice - Paula Casaleiro (CEF/UC, CES/UC) and Patrícia Branco (CES/UC)

- Centre for Social Studies, University of Coimbra (Portugal)

- The Toulouse Institute of Political Studies, Sciences Po Toulouse (France)

- MSHS-T, Maison des Sciences de l’Homme et de la Société de Toulouse (France)

Workshop organized by Unilasalle

Proposals must be submitted in :
English, French or Spanish ;

Using the form available :

until May 15, 2018.