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Research data Alliance

20 mars - 8 avril 2020

Research data Alliance

Le programme de la "Plénière Virtuelle" de la Research data Alliance (RDA), qui aura lieu du 20 mars au 8 avril 2020, est en ligne :

- RDA Virtual Plenary Programme

- Pour s’inscire aux sessions
Les heures des Sessions prévues sont indiquées en UTC,
en France nous serons 1 heures plus tard et 2 heures plus tard à partir du 29 mars.

One of the many things I love about my role is the plenary meeting. It is so rewarding to meet the many “seasoned” and new peoplein the RDA family, to catch up with them on what has progressed since the previous meeting and to understand the expectations and hopes of those who are joining us for the first time. I was very much looking forward to the Melbourne meeting.

Having spent three weeks in Australia last year raising awareness of theResearch Data Alliance, I was looking forward to seeing the Australian data community share their achievements and challenges with other international experts and then understanding the integration of new members into existing groups and to see the launchof new ideas in RDA.

Seven years after the launch of RDA, this was our first opportunity to hold a meeting “down under”. We were fortunate to have CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) host the Plenary meeting with the support ofARDC (Australian Research Data Commons).

They worked so hard to put together an amazing event, attracting almost 200 Australian participantsand over 350 people worldwide.I am truly grateful to CSIRO for underwriting the meeting and particularly all the team who were involved there for their hard work in planning what would have been an amazing taste of Data in Australia.

It can be unfair to pick out people but I would like to particularly thank two people from CSIRO –Brendan Dalton and Cynthia Love–who have been so generous with their time, ideas, skills and expertise and who shared and agreed with the very difficult decision to cancel the event, despite the financial implications. Their thoughts, as were those of all of the organizing committee, were only on the health and safety of the delegates.

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